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Hi everyone, my name is Declan Doyle!

I am the head coach at Potential Personal Training. I am passionate about helping people to achieve their full strength and fitness potential. I feel that being strong and fit provides all pervasive benefits in our lives, not just in terms of physical health but also contributing to better mood and mental health and more positive interactions with the people around us. I want to help you to cut through the barrage of misinformation that surrounds the fitness industry and put you on the most efficient pathway to achieving your goals. I have always been passionate about sports since a young age and played rugby and cricket at club and collegiate level. I understand the drive to improve sport performance, but also understand the difficulties facing someone starting back to training who has been injured or due to a sedentary lifestyle. With over ten years industry experience I have worked with a broad spectrum of clients from national grade athletes to people in their nineties. I think I possess a unique skill set that will tailor the correct programme to fit your needs and lifestyle. Take the most important step on your fitness journey and call me in the centre 01-2883720 / 

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