Frequently Asked Questions

When are you re-opening?

Newpark Sports Centre hopes to re-open again from 1st December


What are the Sports Centre’s opening hours?

While the centre is closed for Level 5, there will be staff available Monday - Friday 9:00am - 3:00pm to answer you calls and e-mails


What is the status of my membership?

All memberships will be frozen again from 22nd October until we reopen

How do I access online bookings?

For members, you will need to contact us to confirm your e-mail address and other details.  We will then issue you a PIN for log in.  This PIN can be changed in the My Account section of the booking page.

For casual users, you will need to contact the centre to provide us with some basic details so we can register you on the system.  Once registered we will provide you with a PIN for log in. 

For any queries or issues with bookings contact reception 01-2883720 / 01-2833037

What precautions will I need to take when attending the centre?

Do not attend the centre in any capacity if you are sick or showing symptoms of Covid-19. If your GP has advised you to cocoon or of you are considered high risk due to underlying conditions we would recommend you consult your doctor before attending. 

A pre-activity health check and temperature check will be required prior to each visit.

When entering and exiting the premises you must use the hand sanitiser station provided. Additional sanitising stations will be available throughout the centre and should be used before and after each activity and/or interaction.

You will need to wipe down any equipment directly after use.

You should maintain 2 metres social distance from all other individuals while in the centre and ensure not to congregate in groups.

Arrive prepared for your workout, wearing your gym gear, clean runners with a towel and pre-filled water bottle.

For a swim session, togs should be worn under clothes to the centre.  For more details on returning to the pool see Swim Ireland Guidelines 

We recommend the use of face coverings for all land-based activities in the centre.

What happens if I have a fever (temperature) when I arrive at the centre?

If you have a temperature of 38C or higher you will not be able to attend your booked session.  You will need to return home and we would recommend contacting your GP for advice. 

How do I book a session in the fitness centre or for a public swim?

We have set up an online booking system in which you will pre-book your time slot. You can also call or email the centre for help with booking. Bookings will be available up to one week before the session.  

Sessions have been arranged to allow cleaning between each one.

 You will be required to fill out an online questionnaire and get your temperature checked upon arrival at the centre. Fitness centre sessions will last one hour and Public swims will last 45 minutes.

Can Covid-19 be spread in a swimming pool?

The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention have stated there is no evidence that the virus that causes COVID-19 can be spread to people through the water in pools. Furthermore, the HSE advise that current recommended disinfection practice is sufficient to inactivate COVID-19 virus in chlorinated drinking water and swimming pools.

What about chlorine/pH levels in the pool?

In line with PWTAG guidelines (Pool water treatment advisory group), free chlorine levels will be maintained at or above 1.5mg/l and will run alongside our UV treatment plant to further disinfect the Swimming pool water.

PH levels will be maintained between 7.0-7.4.

Will changing rooms, lockers and shower facilities be open?

The lockers, changing rooms and showering facilities will be temporarily closed to all fitness centre users.  Swimmers can quickly dress in the pool changing rooms and we respectfully ask that you leave immediately after you have changed.

Why can’t I use the showers?

It is not possible to keep a safe social distance in our showers. Its is also important for people not to congregate so we are asking all centre visitors to shower at home for the time being. This will be under constant review as guidelines change. 

Why can’t I use certain gym equipment?

Certain pieces of equipment have been taken out of the gym to allow for social distancing as well as for hygiene reasons and to reduce the risk of transmission of Covid-19.

Will you be cleaning the Fitness Centre?

There will be 15 minutes between each session in the fitness centre where staff will enter the gym and thoroughly clean down all machines and equipment to ensure it is clean and ready for the next group.

When will Fitness Classes resume?

Fitness classes will recommence as we enter our second phase of our reopening plan, with additional safety measures in place including hygiene, social distancing, equipment usage and occupancy restrictions.

When will Gymnastics and Swimming lessons resume?

We are currently planning for a return in October with the next course running October to December.  We will be following guidance from Swim Ireland, Gymnastics Ireland and the HSE. Please keep up to date via our emails, website and Facebook page.

What is happening with Gymnastics & Swimming enrolments?

We will not be taking any new enrolments for the time being. Anybody who re-enrolled for April-June 2020 will have their space rolled into our next term. Those who were in the January- March term but had not yet re-enrolled prior to the closing of the centre will be given first refusal on spaces as they come available.

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