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ActivelyFUN is an exciting, new programme here at Newpark, and we would like to invite you to register your place!


What is ActivelyFUN, and why are we making a change?

Fundamental movement skills are vitally important basic skills that contribute to the development of a physically literate child. A physically literate child is one who has the movement competence, confidence, and understanding to continue in physical activity throughout their lives.


Research shows that over 70% of boys, and over 80% of girls, will not have mastered their fundamental movements skills by the age of 9. Mastery of these skills has been shown to lead to increased retention in sports in adolescents, and increased activity levels in adulthood. Despite the best efforts of PE teachers all over the country, there is just not enough PE time for children to fully develop these skills. This programme will supplement the school PE curriculum, improving children’s physical literacy skills, and enhancing their fundamental movement skills.


Fundamental movements skills are broken down into key 3 areas:

  • Locomotion - walking, running, hopping, skipping, jumping, dodging, sidestepping

  • Stability - landing, balance

  • Manipulative skills - catching, throwing, kicking, striking with a hand, striking with an implement


These 3 key areas, and their associated skills, are essential to successful participation in athletics, dance, games, gymnastics, and outdoor and adventure skills. Our programme will supplement the PE school curriculum by providing kids with the opportunities to develop these areas in a fun, dynamic, environment, helping children to become confident, movement literate adults, who are capable of participating in whatever sports or exercise they choose to follow.


Our 10-week term will be broken down in such a way that all the above skills will be addressed through fun, games, and sport, allowing children to experiment and learn in a positive and inclusive environment.


The classes will be divided by school year group (Junior & Senior, 1st & 2nd, 3rd & 4th, 5th & 6th), so that each group will be developing skills based on their school curriculum. Children of all skills and abilities will be welcome, and multiple games and sports will be played each week.


The course has been carefully developed in conjunction with primary school teachers, early years professionals, and certified athletic therapists to be a comprehensive and well-rounded programme.